Welcome to KNOURA

KNOURA aims to provide service solutions in various knowledge domains, such as information technology, patenting, legal, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and more.

"Innovative and Efficient Solutions through Synergy" between us and our clients is our business philosophy.

The company strives to service its clients with effective solutions at a competitive price through a combination of technology tools and business processes. We intend to be a catalyst in evolving your business.

Download  Brochure [PDF , 50 KB] Download Brochure [PDF, 50 KB]
We also facilitate:
  • Indian Patent Filings
  • US Patent Filings
Who we serve:
  • Advertising Companies
  • Biotech & Pharma Companies
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Corporations
  • CROs/CRAs
  • Data Visualization Organizations
  • Government Organizations
  • Individual Lawyers
  • Individual Researchers
  • Law firms
  • Non Profit Organizations
  • Online Education Providers
  • Patent Agents
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Publishing Houses
  • Research Labs
  • Research Organizations
  • Scientists
  • Universities
  • Venture Capitalists
  • Others…